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Plastic Carrier Bags


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Plastic Carrier Bags


We offer a wide range of high-quality vest-type carrier bags to industry and the public.

A “vest-type” carrier bag (VTC) has two handles and is shaped like a vest. The vest-type plastic carrier bag is the most popular type of plastic bag in South Africa. You are given a vest-type plastic carrier bag when you ask for a plastic bag at a supermarket or grocery store. Many South Africans describe a vest-type carrier bag as a “Pick ’n Pay bag”. Our pricing on plastic vest-type carrier bags is excellent and various sizes are immediately available. See the table below.

If you require a bag that is not on our stock list, please contact us to tell us the length (in millimetres or centimetres), width (in millimetres or centimetres) and thickness (in microns) of the bag you require.

We will gladly assist you with any custom-made bag and we can quote you on any size or colour.

The bag you require will be custom manufactured to excellent quality standards for you in super-quick time. You are also welcome to tell us the application of the bag and we will suggest the appropriate dimensions and thickness to suit your particular needs.

We will provide you with a competitive quote quickly. Printing on plastic carrier bags. Market your brand to your customers by printing your logo on your plastic bags! We can assist you with high quality colour printing on your plastic carrier bags, subject to minimum volumes. We can print on your plastic bags your logo and any other message or information you wish to tell your customers. Please call us to describe your logo or send to us by e-mail the specific artwork you wish to print on a plastic bag.

Please call or e-mail us to discuss your specific requirements. We will provide you with a competitive quote quickly.

Plastic carrier bags kept in stock (immediately available).
We keep in stock 2 categories of plastic carrier bags, being budget and premium plastic carrier bags.

Budget Carrier Bags - immediately available
MiniBlue2044131001 000
MiniBlack2044131001 000
MiniStripe2044131001 000
MiniWhite2044131001 000
HandyGreen2444131001 000
HandyBlack2444131001 000
HandyStripe2444131001 000
HandyWhite2444131001 000
MidiBlue2654141001 000
MidiBlack2654141001 000
JumboBlue3560201001 000
JumboBlack3560201001 000
Premium carrier bags - retail standard
MiniWhite2044131001 000
HandyWhite2444131001 000
MidiWhite2654141001 000
FlexiWhite3020442501 000
24 LitreWhite3020562501 000
Punch - handle bags - retail standard
Contact us, specify the dimensions and quantity of the punch handle bag required, and we will quote you quickly.

Please call or e-mail us to discuss your specific requirements for Plastic Carrier Bags.

Your plastic carrier bags will be dispatched to you from our warehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please contact us to discuss.

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